Chairman’s Message

Dear All,

It is the aim of the companies within our group to assist Kuwait in its advancement and improvements in the various fields of my expertise. I am proud to provide professional and discrete services in Consultancy and offer the supply of specialist equipment and training covering industries including Environmental, Oil and Gas, Security, Medical etc.

Personal expertise in the fields of Technical and Criminal works, including DNA, explosives and fire, Toxins and Drugs, identifying disaster and Mass Graves, enables ASCC to provide the best and further our works to protect the citizens and expatriates of our beloved Kuwait.

Working in the areas of Security and Justice, region wide, using a network of trusted and specialist individuals from the UK, USA, GCC ensures professional and discrete service are guaranteed.

Dr. Bader Al Khulifah


Dr. Bader Al Khulifah’s Credentials

Previous Career : Brigadier -Ministry of Interior, Kuwait.
Present Career :   Chairman, Al Khulifah Group of Companies.
                              Professor on Crime Evidence, Faculty of Law, Kuwait University & Kuwait International Law School (KILAW)

Membership at Local & International Commissions

  • Member of British Forensic Science Society.
  • Member of American Academy of Forensic Science.
  • Vice-President of Interpol, Sub-Committee for Identification of Disaster Victims (DVI) (1990 – 1997).
  • Member of Medicines & Drugs Control committee, Ministry of Health, Kuwait (1992 -2003).
  • Member of the Standing National Committee for Control on Handling Chemicals, the Public Authority for Environment (1993–2003).
  • Participation in several conferences and forums especially specialized in crime lab domains.
  • Training tournament on explosives Analysis, Belfast, UK (1981).
  • Training tournament on Forensic Science Birmingham, UK (1978– 1979).
  • Teaching Crime Sciences and Books.
  • Teaching at Crime Evidence Lab, Saad Al Abdullah Academy for Security Studies, Kuwait 1982 – 2003.
  • Lecturer at Kuwait Judiciary Studies Author of Forensic Sciences in the Service of Justice.
  • Submitting scientific articles and researches to International conferences and forums across the world.
  • Supervising the installation of all branches of the Crime Lab in the State of Kuwait.
  • Participating in the installation of DNA Lab in the State of Kuwait.
  • Chairing a technical team for the identification of the detainees and missing in mass graves in Samawa city, Iraq in 2003.
  • Participating in the identification of Kuwaiti victims through the application of DNA.